Happy Mothers’ Day – Today and Every Day

May 7, 2010

By: Shazia Yousuf

Mother’s day, a day when children try to make their mothers feel important and loved. They remind her of her greatness and the love that she has been imparting to her family. A happy mothers’ day greeting followed by a card or some special gift is usually what children do to make their mothers feel loved.

Different websites have special offers especially for this special occasion. Barnes and noble, for example has this special “Create Mothers Day book” offer which takes a few minutes to make and bingo! A personalized gift is ready for a very special mom! Other websites, like Blue Mountain and Hallmark have great cards available. Shops are full of “for a very special mum” gifts. Newspapers have special arrangements for publishing personalized messages for this special occasion. Some of the very creative local salons have special package for mothers’ day to let the children pamper mothers by gifting them with a very special manicure, pedicure or a nice hairdo or a relaxing massage. A very nice and creative way indeed to let your mum know how much you love her!

Just for a day, the mother is made to feel special. She definitely needs that expression of love, that special feeling indeed. But a mother is only content when she sees the love, hidden within her bosom, finding expression through the role models she aspires to create. Her soul is peaceful when she sees her children become what she wants them to be. Her seemingly endless efforts of cuddling her child through the night, maybe all alone, payoff when she sees her child grow up to be a person with the moral values that she tried to cultivate right from the roots of childhood. Her heart blossoms when she sees her child gain respect among colleagues, when her child learns to stand upright through every thick and thin, rise up after falling, and stand right beside her holding her hand like she would hold when the child was just learning to walk!

Mothers are a very special creation of God. They definitely deserve all the love in the world, and that love cannot be given or expressed in just one day. She needs those mother moments, which would give her inner peace and a sense of motherly satisfaction. To all those mothers out there: Happy mothers’ day, today and every day!


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