How God talks to us

May 31, 2010

By: Shazia Yousuf

I was sitting alone at the dining table, trying to push the food down forcibly, finishing off the last few bites of my lunch. Everyone else had finished off and left the table for something or the other. The only other person still sitting with me was an aunt who lives with us, who cannot hear or speak by birth, and can hardly see clearly due to her deteriorating glaucoma. She is almost nonexistent, living in her own world, doesn’t interact much with anyone.

I was feeling low and extremely tired after working all day, preparing the meal for the entire household and then eating alone, that too, on a day, which was supposed to be a holiday. Putting in so much effort, from cooking to cleaning, washing the dishes, setting the table, serving lunch, and in a matter of a few minutes, the entire show was over. Life appeared to be too mechanical and robotic.

A train of useless depressing thoughts was crossing my mind. The mess on the dining table that needed to be cleared was adding up to my lethargy! I was feeling so drained. My efforts I felt had no worth. Sitting, playing with my food, thinking, depressed….

All of a sudden, that aunt, with the gestures of her hands draws my attention. When I look at her she tells me that today’s lunch was extremely delicious! For a second I was unable to really assimilate as to what she had said. Appreciation coming from a person who hardly interacts was quite surprising. I then realized she was smiling to me and praising the food that was just so ordinary and regular!  

She said what she had to, and left the table back to her usual routine, but it interrupted my train of depressing thoughts. I did not actually believe that the food was delicious, as I know it was not, but this gesture brought spontaneous tears to my eyes with my heart so overwhelmed! I realized she was a medium and that God spoke to me through her. I could suddenly feel The Divine Presence. I just now received a pat on my back from the Divinity, telling me to stop bothering about anything else, to keep it up and keep going!

Through the perfect harmony and the beauty in nature God manifests His existence. Through small signs and gestures that touch your heart, He communicates…yes this is how God talks to us.



  1. A beautiful thought!a wonderful way to encourage others and yourself……….you exactly understand the way our dad used to think and wanted us to think…. to keep going.

  2. i find it a very depressing piece….itni mehnat ka itna chhota muafza…

  3. Umm, I guess it is this way because it is “supposed” to be this way. At some point in your life there must have been someone doing the same for you, like you do for others today.

    @ “itni mehnat ka itna chota muafza”

    Kuch bad nahi ho raha – isn’t that a muafza itself? =D

    As for the God speaking part- Now I’ll have to hear harder and see if God speaks to me too =P

  4. God has got so many ways of communicating with us!

  5. Shazia, beautifully written. Touched my heart and brought a tear to my eyes. I love your work. I am going to be a regular reader 🙂

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