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Only when the souls depart….maybe that too for only a short while….

June 23, 2010

By: Shazia Yousuf

Day begins, day ends. Time is running fast; so much to do but such little time. There’s hardly time for anything. We are all the time busy in a race against time. It seems as if life would come to a halt if we stop doing all those things that we are busy with. Without even stopping for a while to realize what we are doing, we go on with that daily rut.

There are so many people around us, who we take for granted. We think we’ll talk to them tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. We plan to visit them, but something or the other which is more urgent comes up. We do think about them, but blame the busy schedule for not being able to give them our precious time. Some of our dear ones, we don’t even find time to think about. Let’s face it, we do this.

Only when our loved ones depart, and we are struck with the pangs of sorrow, everything comes to a sudden halt. Life comes to a standstill for us. The rest of the world goes on with the same speed but we are excused from it. Everyone understands and does a workaround without us being a part of it. We are left to come to terms with the sudden sorrow that life has thrown at us.

But time has slipped out of our hands. All we are left with is memories accompanied with pain and regret. We will regret not being able to spend quality time with our loved ones. The heart will ache with the burden of all those words that remained unspoken. The sorrow of not being able to absorb all the wisdom that died will drown us.

But time heals. Gradually the rut of life will resume with the same speed and fervor, but that empty space will remain forever in our lives. What a pity, we realize this only when the souls depart…..maybe that too for only a short while and then get back into that same rut, till life comes to a standstill again…



June 11, 2010

By: Shazia Yousuf

Love is, when a father gets angry at his daughter for forgetting to tell him that she’ll be late from work. He is not angry because she did not inform him, but because he is concerned for her out of love.

Love is, when a wife is upset with the husband when he forgets to take the lunch to work, that was so lovingly prepared for him in the morning. Not because she had to get up and go through the pains of preparing it, but because she is concerned about the health and the well being.

Love is, when a poor maid beats up her daughter for not working as hard as she does because she loves her and wants her to learn to earn her own living and not depend on anyone once she’s gone.

Love is, when a mother takes away a toy from the kids fighting over it. She’s doing it not to punish them, but out of love for both the children. She wants them to learn to share and care and to grow up learning to compromise.

I felt loved whenever I got that sweet reminder to have “a cup of milk” whenever I had that appetite loss.

It is not important to say ‘I Love you’ to actually love someone. It is an emotion that can only be felt and cherished. Sometimes, these three words when said may not convey the emotions that they are supposed to. At times ‘I hate you’ may actually convey true love. It is meaningless what is said. The energy released is what actually matters. Any form of positive energy depicts love.

Divine love can be felt in the pattering of the raindrops, the soft humming of the birds, the cool shade under an oak tree, in the smell of the freshly cut grass, the first rays of the rising sun, the waves thrashing the shores, in the blossoms on the trees, in fact in just anything that you see around you. This is God’s manifestation of love. 

According to Rumi, human love is but a pale reflection of the Divine love. It is also supposedly involved with pain and suffering. This is because of the human resistance to the Divine Call to abandon the self and become reabsorbed in the Divinity.

As Iqbal says: “Love solves all the mysteries of the world; it is at once an ailment and a matchless cure.”


Speak your heart out

June 9, 2010

By: Shazia Yousuf

There he was, standing beside the grave, as he would every Thursday. Another Thursday, one more rose on the grave and yet another hour or two of silent memories and flashbacks. He would stand there, not utter a single word, say a few prayers, and just shed a few uncontrollable tears that would lift the burden off his heart of losing her forever. His heart would feel lighter but also emptier than before. But this much would only be sufficient for him to live for a week more, to come back and visit her again.

But what’s the point now? This is not what she had wanted. She doesn’t even care if she gets a rose every Thursday on her grave. It doesn’t make her happy. It makes no difference. She has already attained the everlasting happiness that she deserved, and had hoped for just a glimpse of it in this world. It would have made a difference when she was a part of the living world, before her soul gave in and departed for the eternal peace. Yes, that rose would really have brightened her days, lifted her heart and she would have found some reason to smile.

But what stopped him? Nothing at all. He never realized how easy it was to put a smile on someone’s face. Only a few words of appreciation and just a few gestures that would simply reinforce the fact that he cared. Yes, he cared, but never understood how important it was to express.

Now, that she’s gone, he just wonders if he had ever told her what she meant to him. He keeps going over the past, just to remember if he had ever made her realize how much he cared. If only he had expressed his feelings!

True love needs nothing in exchange, no great demonstration of devotion, nothing but knowing that the other person loves you too. It only needs a heart in exchange. So, let your loved ones know how you feel for them, it will only lift the spirits, give more meaning to your life and bring happiness to those you care for…before it is too late.