Remembering Ammie and Abbu

August 25, 2010

By: Shazia Yousuf

Muslima and Haris

Muslima, my mother, a symbol of sacrifice since her childhood but never for once complained. She was the source of strength when others felt weak. She always stood up for others when they needed her. A saint, so pious and pure, she never hurt anyone not even with a single word she ever spoke. Even when she was ill, she never let anyone realize what she was going through. A true fighter who fought against her ailment till the last and died like a martyr!

A great mother, the greatest chef, so fond of cooking, she even prepared a diary of recipes for us daughters to use when she is not there. Every Saturday, the day when all of us would visit, it felt like a grand party. Her koftas and aloo gobi with plain white rice shall always be remembered.

Haris, my father, so close to the Divine being! His every conversation eventually led to the true essence of religion. Every act of his was an act of worship. The conversations he had with the tanker walas, driver and maasi were enlightening. He even learned from these people, he would say. A very avid reader, he would finish off books on religion and philosophy in hours. The only book he read for his life time was the Quran. The only subject he spoke on was Deen. The only aim in his life was to be close to Divinity. His favorite past time was charity. This we found out after his sudden demise. There were so many people who mourned his death just like his immediate family members.

A very well organized person, everything that he managed at home was so well planned and sorted out. He has left small notes with explanatory comments in his diaries and phone books which have made things run smoothly even when he is not there! Ammie and Abbu are physically not there, but their presence can be felt in all that they have left for us. Most valuable asset is the lesson of love, tolerance and perseverance that they preached. They preached by example to live and let live, to forgive and forget.

August 25, 1963, these two great people Muslima and Haris tied knots. For over forty years, they lived a life that touched so many other lives in this world. They created everlasting impressions on the hearts of many. They are among the very few, who were able to leave their footsteps on the sands of time.

Happy Anniversary, Ammie and Abbu!

You will live on in not just our hearts, but also in the hearts of those whose lives you touched!



  1. beautifully written…. enjoyed reading each and every
    word as always.

  2. Beautiful people….very well written,
    Happy Anniversary,
    Aunty n Uncle.

  3. very touching piece shazia.. they will surely be remembered by all.i can never forget how both aunty and uncle spoke, and with uncle we ve had some very intresting conversations in islamabad. we are really losing out on valuable people.

  4. Happy Anniversary Nana and Nani =) You will always be remembered and missed.

  5. Good job Shazia! You’ve given words to my feelings! You express what’s in my heart .. do you know telepathy ? Just joking ! Beautiful piece of writing on a beautiful day!

    Happy Anniversary Ammie and Abbu !

  6. Very touching… makes you realize that parents are not to be taken for granted.

  7. This is really very touching! Loved reading it. (:

  8. Beautiful written shazia as always.

  9. I didn’t realize you had a blog. Thank you for posting this – well remembered, i could add on so much to the list too! Literally the very few people in this world, I still remember who were as excited as my parents on my O levels grades and on every academic and intellectual step that followed. They made me feel so proud of who I was. Phoopi jan was always the first one at any of my brothers’ weddings or pre-wedding events, always there to share the happiness – I miss them so much, wish I could have introduced them to my husband too 😦

    PS: and there was one bakra eid when ammi was gone for hajj and phoopi jan was at our place since morning so concerned that i drank my milk and ate my breakfast. I remember I had a really bad throat for the longest time then and she made me have ice cream saying it will be okay after this and it actually worked 🙂 ive actually remembered this little tip from her and follow it still…

  10. Beautifully expressed the feelings of majority of the family members specially their children… every moment of their life is worth remembering and worth following.You are doing a great job by adding life and spirit to thoughts.Welldone !!

  11. So touching yet truly depicts the gratitude & love for their parents….Muslima Dadda & Haris Dada were indeed an inspiring couple…..makes me think of the times when i won the gold medal in an art competition & Muslima Dadda was so much excited about it!! I still remember the happiness & the glow on her face!! & when Ausaf bhai was getting married, she told me very happily that ur bhabhi was ur teacher once & shared my glee!! they were always praying for our better future & esp our academics…
    May Allah bless them in the life Hereafter…Ameen.

  12. Very well written… Shazia! This is the best tribute anyone could give to one’s parent! May Allah bless you and your family! Your Ammi and Abbu will always remain among my heroes! After Abba & Ammi they have had the most impact on my life! Chooti Jan & Harris Bhai always brought joys to everyone they have touched!

    I miss them a lot… Some of the best remembered moments of my life surely have them in it. They were two people who always showered us with love. I always was at home in your home! They have a big hand in who I am today! And I will remain humbly grateful forever.

    I have NO doubts that they have the best of abode in Jannah and looking down on us and smiling!

    Happy Anniversary Chooti jan & Haris Bhai! You are in our hearts forever!

  13. 🙂 May Allah bless your parents

  14. A master piece writing,love it.
    Your parents must be very proud of you.

  15. would love to know more about your loving parents. i am sad to know they are not with us any more. i pray for them that Allah SWT give them a great place in heaven … Ameen.
    i read this artical like i used to read my favourit story books , for which i wished that those will never end but will go on and on … this artical took me in the past and i could see and feel the taste of food made by your loving mother and i could see all the diaries and notes written by your loving father, to keep things organized … would love to know about their life … 40 years is a big time … so please recollect all the good memories spent with them and share with us …
    Thank you,

  16. Bahbi after reading all about your parents I really wish that I should have spent most of my time with them. Uncle n aunty Dint spent much time with them but every time I met them I guess on every visit I made to Pakistan, I remember last time when i went to see them and took a cake with me aunty said tum abhi chotey ho or chotey ye sab nahi kertey ,,, & i remember every time i met uncle always asking me about finance, investments, stock & markets doing who is making money,,,, and my last talk with him about Sigmund Freud, and I remember when you people were staying in front of jinah hospital there uncle use to go for 50 min walk in the evening before dinner and how healthy it was he told me about it, till date I give his example of walk to people. Every time I sat with him the way we use to talk as if I was his age friend never made me feel that we have that big age difference. Every time I learned so many things from him. I will always miss him.
    mey allah grant them a big place in jannah

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